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Leonard for sheriff

Dear Editor:

I read with great interest Patrick Leonard’s letter in the Aspen Times Aug. 3 issue clarifying his position as a candidate for Pitkin County sheriff.

He makes a lot of common sense due to his many years of experience in law enforcement at different levels. I have known many law officers in my lifetime and have shared some of their experiences with them. Law enforcement has many facets to it, and some approaches that are taken by our sheriff’s office I don’t agree with.

One that sticks in my mind is one officer in a patrol car at night making traffic stops. Years ago in Illinois a local officer pulled a car over for a traffic violation with two occupants and his body was found weeks later buried in Wisconsin. The car he had stopped had just been involved in an armed robbery by the two men in the car and they kidnapped and then killed him.

I like Leonard’s thinking about doing enforcement in a proper way regardless of the situation being investigated. From what I have read about Leonard he has far more experienced than any other candidate that will be on the ballot for Pitkin County sheriff. One thing in Leonard’s favor is he is not part of the present establishment, he is not one of the good old boys doing the same old as in past years. He will bring some new, fresh ideas to the office and make changes that will benefit the position he seeks.

He doesn’t owe anyone on the old staff any favors, and I feel he would make some intelligent changes to the sheriff’s office. I don’t think he has any ax to grind with anyone in our county or favors to give. Please vote for Patrick Leonard for Pitkin County sheriff and give him a chance to prove himself.

Chris Tessem


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