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Leo – You begin a month of key transformation at the core of your being as shed your old persona like a snakeskin and emerge fresh and renewed. You will also be going through deep revolutionary change as you absorb all of the recent information that has been coming through to you, especially about your mission and purpose in life. Enjoy!

General Comment for all astrology signs for the week: This week has HUGE focus and energy on change, revolution, seeking freedom, independence and breakthrough and much of this will come through or affect your relationships in one area or another. As well we all begin about six weeks of needing to get grounded, secure and structured, and especially to organize all of the change that is coming in the coming weeks. NOTE: If you live in Australia or New Zealand make sure you read this week’s Weekly Journal on this website. Visit tomasgregory.com for personal Daily Astrology. © 2005 Tomas Gregory

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