Legalizing pot will curtail violence |

Legalizing pot will curtail violence

Dear Editor:

The people of the state of Colorado voted in favor of medicinal marijuana. Now the politicians want to stop it. Who do the politicians work for?

The laws against marijuana are creating violence. A large percentage of the world population smokes marijuana and to think otherwise is ignorant. Do you want your kids to deal with criminals to buy marijuana? Because they are.

People drink alcohol and beat there wives. People smoke pot and fall asleep or become too lethargic to be upset. It is time to evolve. People smoke pot and laws aren’t going to stop it.

Legalize marijuana and stop the violence, stop the hypocrisy. Legalize it, the same laws that govern alcohol could govern marijuana. Politicians serve the people who elected them. We voted in medicinal marijuana. Your kids smoke marijuana, stop the violence, protect your children, legalize marijuana and stop the killings.

Tax it and move forward. Grow up, America.

Stephen Horn


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