Legalizing marijuana makes communities safer |

Legalizing marijuana makes communities safer

Dear Editor:

Roger Marolt left out of his op-ed on marijuana the single, most important reason to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana; namely to improve public safety. During my 18 years of police service I saw first-hand the wasted police time spent looking for a baggie in some kid’s car. This after the officer had determined the kid was not high. The officer thus occupied, the deadly DUI is much more able to slaughter an innocent motorist.

As detectives fly around in helicopters looking for a pot garden, they are not arresting the child molesters and rapists who roam freely back on the ground. Previously thousands died in Colombia for our drug war and now the Mexicans are suffering thousands of dead. Many in the name of marijuana prohibition.

Ending this modern prohibition of cannabis is a no-brainer from a police perspective.

Howard Wooldridge


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