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Left in the dust?

(This letter was originally sent to Pitkin County’s roads and bridges department.)Dear Editor:I am in receipt of your latest threatening missive in your ongoing, taxpayer-funded, personal vendetta against selected county residents.The fact is that lower Midnight Mine Road is in better condition now than it has been in a number of years. It was only in the face of your callous indifference to the health and well-being of the local residents that I was forced to take steps to deal with the dust problems in this area.Your delusions of dictatorial powers over county residents, forced to pay your fat salaries and benefits, have led you to imagine that you have some sort of legal authority to force citizens to breathe polluted air. I suggest you look into the federal civil rights statutes, which allow citizens to hold you personally and financially responsible for violating their rights under federal and state law. You may find it harder to lie to a federal jury than to the county commissioners.You may also wish to consider acquiring a conscience. It is this which discourages normal humans from engaging in antisocial behavior.Richard GordonAspen

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