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Leaving isn’t an option

Dear Editor:In the last few days, including a letter to the editor published Aug. 3, some comments have been made to the effect that if residents of Aspen don’t like the bears roaming around, breaking into houses, they should move out of town. The letter writer suggested we should move to Los Angeles or New York. I’m from Minnesota where we have wolves, bears, deer, etc., but not in our cities. The wild animals have our concern but are controlled.Pulling up stakes and moving out of here is one solution. Another is, for those who have unconditional bear affection, to give up the wonderful life we have in Aspen and the valley and move out into the wilderness where they can share space with their compatriots. They can sleep like a member of the Division of Wildlife I talked to: with a can of pepper spray and gun at his side.No, our government agencies must find logical solutions, whether they be better garbage and waste control or even reestablishing a restricted hunting season. The latter is admittedly harsh. It would be better to round up as many bears as possible and move them to a state or national park that could accommodate them. Nothing will happen, though, until the citizens demand it.”Getting out of Dodge” is a ridiculous and divisive solution.Ron HarrisAspen