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Leave the driving to them

Dear Editor:Thank you, RFTA! After overcoming the disappointment on Tuesday morning of finding my place of employment absent from the list of establishments that were closed for “snow days” (turns out they were all schools – go figure), I quickly came to appreciate the fact that at least I didn’t have to drive to work.The roads were utterly intimidating to me, and I happily froze my fingertips waiting for the bus instead of driving myself. Thank you to all the RFTA drivers who braved the abhorrent driving conditions so that I didn’t have to. I’m thoroughly impressed by every driver I encountered during the storm, who all seemed relaxed in a situation that would have raised my blood pressure considerably.Finally, I applaud the flexibility of the entire organization for adjusting routes and schedules in an attempt to get as many people as possible on a warm bus. Of course, also in need of recognition are the passengers who endured very cold waits, and very long rides. In the end, I have no doubt that RFTA was the best way to go, given that a snow day was out of the question.Lacey GaechterWoody Creek

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