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Leave Lance alone

Dear Editor:

Having had the pleasure of being an Englishman living in France way back in ’75, I have been an avid fan of Le Tour since then – what a race.

There is no hiding place in a bike race, it’s “mano a mano” like no other sport. When I read of Lance’s diagnosis with several types of cancer, it was very, very sad. Then, when he beat the disease and returned to competitive cycling, I wished the man every success, even though he was a Texan!

Then, he went over there and kicked their asses, not once, but seven times in a row. It is no secret that cycling has been riddled with drugs for generations; I remember Tommy Simpson dying on Mont Ventoux, back in the ’60s.

But Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Lyle Alzado, Ben Johnson and Bill Romanowski were all athletes I once respected, but cheated to achieve success. I remember when Tyler fell and broke his collarbone, yet he finished, and even podiumed. Then, when he got caught cheating, he said it must have been his twin brother’s dead fetus that caused him to fail a drug test!

Why would this liar and cheat have any credibility whatsoever, why would anyone like Outside Magazine even offer to pay him to come to Aspen, and then buy him dinner at Cache Cache (tip not included)?

Meanwhile, Lance, probably the most tested athlete of all time, and never having failed one test, is being harassed still, having retired from the sport years ago. His foundation has raised awareness and unknown funds to battle the universal killer, which unfortunately cancer is.

What’s going on here? Leave him alone. Let’s have at least one hero to admire, and have our children admire. Politicians like Clinton, Nixon, Schwarzeneger and Weiner are so disgusting with their lies and deceit, we really need to have one hero, even if he’s a Texan. Go Monoball!

Martin Suthren


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