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Leave impeaching to Congress

Dear Editor:The Aspen City Council is making the correct decision not to vote for impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Impeachment is a process carried out by the Congress with each house playing a role. The City Council has enough to do and should be tackling the solution to mass transit and the Entrance to Aspen; for failure to do so has a negative environmental and lifestyle impact on all citizens of the valley.Our representatives, on the other hand, should give impeachment serious thought. The Constitution states that a president or vice president may be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” It has always been assumed that an actual crime had to be committed and in this case I think lying to the country about our entrance into the Iraq war would be enough, but we also have many other instances of criminal behavior on the part of both offices.I would also like to put forward that a president or vice president could be impeached for incompetence as well, without a crime being committed. In fact, in the records of the constitutional convention, there was at least one member who suggested that this is what misdemeanors really meant. If we open the door to impeachment for incompetence there is no way Bush or Cheney would last a day. The only thing I would ask is that we either start with Cheney or impeach them both at the same time; I slightly prefer Bozo the Clown to Machiavelli.Robert PewWoody Creek