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Leashing up

I read with interest Tony Vagneur’s letter [Times, June 5th] on the dog leash law as it pertains to pet control on our bike/hiking trail network. This letter revealed that he was disposed to rewarding diligent dog leashers should he encounter one along the trail while biking. American greenbacks, if I understand correctly, are the currency of choice here and last I heard the amount was at the Franklin level [$100.00].

Tony used to work for me on the hill – around 1967-8 as I recall – during the reign of the giant squid. We worked hard and stole a few powder runs in the process. As it turned out, I was discharged for uncorporate behavior, which included punching an unruly photographer [Dr. Goggle/Smith] and firing a man – Steve Wishart – for eating toast. Such was life on the Aspen Mountain packing crew in days gone by.

Returning to the present situation, an arrangement needs to be made whereby I encounter Tony on the trail with a properly leashed canine in my possession. This animal would likely be one of those foo-foo dogs so that I could stuff it into a shopping bag while we blow his reward money on a liquid-assisted power lunch at the Woody Creek Tavern.

In closing, skateboards suck and if you love New York, take I-70 east [Andrew and May Rose, take heed]. That is all.

Pete Luhn


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