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Leash your dogs

Dear Editor:

I have to weigh in on the dog discussion. I live on Fairway Drive, and I was menaced several times by two dogs that were not on a leash, as required by Snowmass law. After several warnings by the animal-control official and repeated violations, one dog owner was hauled into court and paid a fine.

Guess what – there are no bad dogs, only bad dog owners. Dogs, to me, are people in doggie suits. Most are smarter than many of my friends. I guess you have heard that a smart blonde in our valley is a golden retriever.

So dogs should be a simple equation. If your dog is not in a fenced-in yard or your house, then it must be on a leash. I love dogs, but when a strange dog comes charging at me, I am scared to hell. Most people have been bitten by dogs at least once as I have.

Leash ’em or leave ’em home.

Richard Goodwin

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