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Leash could have stopped mauling

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Dear Editor:I have several comments to make to Cindy Hirshfeld about her letter that was printed in the Tuesday edition of The Aspen Times.I first think that people should have a little background information before making their comment on a situation. Yes, my cat was outside and the dog attacked it, but my cat was on private property, where dogs aren’t allowed to live and the people had no business being there. There also was a nice sidewalk 25 feet away, which is public property, from where the dog would have never seen my cat. My cat was 17 years old, walking around enjoying herself in her last years of life.The dog, not being on a leash, walked up to my cat and frightened it. She hissed, and the dog attacked her. The dog gored my cat. My cat, being old, had no chance of fighting back. Dangerous breeds of dogs should be on a leash at all times when outside their property, especially one only owned five days. There is a leash law in Pitkin County. It states that any dog off its property must be on a leash no longer than 10 feet in length (source: Aspen-Pitkin County Animal Control). The dog had no leash. The cat was 10 feet from our door. Cats are allowed to roam freely outside. Cats are considered free-roaming animals in Pitkin County. (Aspen-Pitkin County Animal Control.) Next, I did not like the comment about the birds and chipmunks and whatever. Those animals are not owned and loved by anyone. So, if the cat did happen to kill them, then it is unfortunate, but no one is morally hurt. Dogs also do kill chipmunks and whatever else. Next, I didn’t like the comment about the coyotes. If a coyote killed my cat, it would be unfortunate, but it would have been unpreventable. The dog killing my cat could have been prevented by a leash.Also, imagine your 7-year-old, younger brother going outside to see what people were yelling about and finding his cat, that he has loved since he was born, being mauled by a dog. Had my brother run away scared, the dog could have (I’m not saying he would, but he could have) attacked my brother.So, people, don’t write a letter complaining about something without having at least a little insight into what happened. At least know what happened before making a comment.Kevin Morrisonage 16AspenAspen

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