Learning about Colorado

Dear Editor:I am a fifth-grader from Conway Elementary in Washington, and my class is doing state reports. I chose Colorado.I chose Colorado because my brother was born there and I thought it would be cool to learn about this state. I would love to learn more about Colorado, and I thought that it would be better if I learned things from the people who live in Colorado than by reading books.What is the weather like? The weather here in Washington is usually wet in the fall and winter and really hot in the spring and summer. What do the kids wear? The kids here usually wear jeans and a T-shirt with a saying on it.It would be wonderful if you could send an old map, brochure, or even some photos of the wildlife.I am hoping to hear from you. I wouldn’t be able to do this project without the help of some Colorado citizens.Natasha H.Mrs. Kelly’s class19710 State Route 534Mount Vernon, WA 98274