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Learn how to be healthy

Dear Editor: I read Time magazine’s article about living to be 100 years old. How pessimistic! In other cultures, people live to be 120, 130 or older.And they’re in great health throughout those years, feeling vibrant. They are not being hooked to machines and pumped with pills to keep them alive past their century mark.It’s sad to see so many Americans living in poor health. So many folks are getting diseases that are completely preventable. So many people feel powerless over their health,I want to assure every person who is not feeling fantastic about their body that there are many options. Health is a lifelong journey. We should all be feeling fantastic, every day, for well over a century. It is simple to be in great health. But in order to discover your own great health, you must acknowledge that your body is amazing and has the power to heal itself, given a few tools.Please join me today (Monday, Sept. 13) in Basalt for a free seminar to learn more about these simple skills. “Secrets of our Healthcare System: Dying to Know More about Disease Prevention and Weight Control” will be offered in the River View Plaza, on the corner of Elk Run Drive and Two Rivers Road, from 6 -7:15 p.m. To reserve your free spot, please contact me at 948-0179.Nina SchnipperGlenwood Springs


Wet spring means more bugs, like ticks

Between rainstorms, people and their dogs will venture outside. There they will find more insects such as ticks and mosquitoes, thanks to a big winter and wet spring.

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