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Leader of sheep

Dear Editor:

After watching Sarah Palin’s speech at the GOP convention, I see why McCain picked her as a running mate. She offers something that the Republican ticket has previously lacked: youth, diversity and charisma. I liked her no-nonsense attitude, and it’s great that she fought against corruption in her home state, however, I must take issue with a number of things she said:

She accused Obama for praising working people when speaking to them and calling them gun-toting religious fanatics when he’s speaking about them. It was a gaff by Obama that has been taken out of context and repeatedly misinterpreted. However misspeaking pales in comparison to the actions of Republicans, who speak to the middle class as brothers and then seek to eliminate them with their policies: policies that give enormous tax breaks to oil corporations; policies that send jobs overseas; policies that send our soldiers to longer/more frequent tours of duty, and give veterans minimal and questionable health benefits.

She spoke about the simple goodness of small town America and hammered home the (false) notion that a Democrat in office means higher taxes for everyone. Those who watched Obama’s speech know that his plan will only increase taxes for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans; that hardly includes the working class people to whom she addressed her rallying cry. How is it her audience failed to see that?

Those who have been following the election know that many claims she made about the Democrats were either grossly distorted, or just plain false. Obama counts on his supporters to be smart enough to see past media hype that focuses on nonsense instead of issues. Republicans, count on their supporters to be so unsophisticated that they don’t check facts; perhaps they should change their mascot from an elephant to a sheep.

Maureen Jackson

Glenwood Springs

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