Lawyers, snowmobiles and money |

Lawyers, snowmobiles and money

Dear Editor:

The Pitkin Board of County Commissioners is to be complimented on their work this last Wednesday. They successfully demonstrated what true democracy is about: The people with the most voice and power win.

The subject is Lenado, a wonderful little hamlet in the mountains not far from Woody Creek, which has become, to the chagrin of the residents, a snowmobile haven. What was once a peaceful community in the winter becomes choked with large trucks, trailers, noise smoke and pollution. The single-lane road becomes the parking lot, violating the laws of the county of safety and of human decency. Large trucks and trailers effectively block traffic and make the road to Lenado a dangerous excursion. Because there are only a few residents, and many vocal snowmobilers, guess who wins.

The BOCC, also in their infinite wisdom, killed the discussion on codes for renewable energy. They apparently forgot that we just passed a renewable energy fund, but lack the wisdom to determine ahead of time how these structures might fit in aesthetically in our community. Again it’s going to be piecemeal, and of course if you have the money you can hire a lawyer and get what you want. Keep it simple, stupids. Nice work.

When is the next election anyway?

Robert Pew

Woody Creek

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