Lawyers, guns and money |

Lawyers, guns and money

Less than a month ago, on Dec. 18, thieves stole an estimated $500,000 worth of jewelry from an Aspen boutique in a heist authorities believe to be linked to several others in the region.

It was a dramatic development for a small mountain town ” especially since the thieves are still at large ” but the crime was also something that might be expected in an upscale, fur-clad resort like Aspen. After all, Aspen is unique among small towns in its occasional tendency to create big-city news.

The jewelry theft got us thinking about unsolved crimes, and it didn’t take much discussion to identify a handful of high-profile cases, including two others from 2007. We decided to package them together here, and to update them where possible.

Some of these cases have had recent developments, others are mostly cold. At least one of them has been “solved,” in that authorities think they know the guilty party, but they don’t have him in custody. In still other cases, the cops refused to speak with us at all, so it’s hard to draw any conclusions.

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