Lawyer plays ‘roofie’ card in Aspen theft case |

Lawyer plays ‘roofie’ card in Aspen theft case

Rick CarrollThe Aspen TimesAspen, CO Colorado

Jennifer Dawn Walling

ASPEN – A San Francisco woman was arrested early Thursday morning after a police officer saw her sitting in an idling car at a downtown crosswalk, eating a grapefruit and in possession of two top-shelf bottles of vodka she allegedly stole from a luxury hotel.But an attorney for 44-year-old Jennifer Dawn Walling said during a bond hearing Thursday afternoon that she has no memory of what happened and believes she was “roofied.””We’re going to have her blood tested for roofies,” said Garfield & Hecht attorney Ryan Kalamaya via speakerphone, in a hearing in the chambers of Pitkin County District Judge Gail Nichols. “She has no recollection at all.”Roofie is the street term for the date-rape drug Rohypnol. It produces memory loss and can render a person unconscious, and is typically administered by spiking a drink.It became a concern in Aspen in 2010 after several people reported being slipped the drug. That same year, the Aspen Police Department and the nonprofit Response teamed together to distribute 2,500 drink coasters in response to concern about the drugs being slipped around town. By putting a few drops of a drink on to the coasters, users can see if their cocktail has been spiked if the coaster changes colors.But roofies haven’t been a known problem of late in Aspen, said APD Detective Ian MacAyeal. “We haven’t had a bona fide roofie case in a while,” he said. “We’ve heard a few reports of people being roofied, but it’s usually people with a high BAC [blood-alcohol content] combined with the high altitude.”Just two weeks ago a woman reported that she was roofied, but it turned out that she had too much to drink, MacAyeal said.As for Walling, her case is set for Tuesday in Pitkin County Court. She originally faced a felony burglary charge for allegedly swiping two bottles of Grey Goose vodka from a closed bar at The Little Nell. But prosecutor Arnold Mordkin said he plans to scale down the charge to misdemeanor theft.Police received a call at 2:43 a.m. Thursday that someone had stolen the vodka and an assortment of fruit from the Durant Avenue luxury hotel. Shortly after, Officer Greggory Cole spotted Walling sitting in a silver Jeep Cherokee in the middle of a crosswalk at Durant Avenue and Original Street, law-enforcement officials said. Cole found Walling allegedly eating a grapefruit, along with the two bottles – one opened, the other closed.Video surveillance from The Little Nell showed her walking behind a closed bar at the Little Nell and collecting the items, officials said.She also faces a driving under the influence charge. Nichols set her bond at $1,000.

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