Lawyer, not an apology, is in order |

Lawyer, not an apology, is in order

Dear Editor: A suspension, not an apology, is needed in the traffic stop, upon reading the rabid ranger story Oct. 27 involving the daughter of Commissioner Patti Clapper. I got to thinking that a lot of other things are terribly wrong here. The officer with a supervisor should be suspended and sent for retraining for not arresting or at least ticketing the 20-year-old Traci Clapper. An open but empty can of beer, a full can of beer, a marijuana pipe, no seat belt and speeding, and the result no ticket, no fine and now she wants an apology because her and her mommy think her rights were violated. Well, all I can say is you are very lucky to live in this community because in my country and town called New York, you and your mother would be looking for a lawyer and not an apology. It sounds like you guys have some legal experience to know the details of being pulled over for a traffic stop and all of your rights. My last thought is the most troublesome – as a mother, that’s you Patti, I can’t help wondering why you are so upset at the officers and not worried about your 20-year-old daughter driving over Independence Pass with alcohol, a marijuana pipe, driving over the speed limit and with no seat belt all with three dogs in the car. I have an 18-year-old and he would be walking for the next year after I took his car away. As you point out your kids are not that perfect, but I think not that smart either. I hope you are.Robert TebaldiBasalt

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