Laws of nature at work on Smuggler |

Laws of nature at work on Smuggler

Dear Editor:

In regards to the May 25 Aspen Times article titled “Aspen pet owners step forward, warn of coyote problem,” I have the following comments.

While I think it is sad and really unfortunate that Debbie Jelinek and her husband had to witness the loss of their small 7-month-old dog, I think they might want to start to consider whether they want to continue to live in small town that is surrounded by vast tracts of wilderness. What happened to the little dog is what exactly does happen in the animal kingdom, the coyotes were not being “dangerous” as Debbie put it, they were doing precisely what they should do as a predatory animals living near various food sources.

So there most likely will be nothing done by the Colorado DOW about this so-called danger because there is none, it is the law of nature, a law that should and will always preside over any law that man creates. Bears and coyotes are not “nuisance” animals; that kind of statement lacks any ecological common sense, the most important kind when you live in the middle of wilderness like many of us Aspenites do.

My wife and I live near Smuggler Mountain Road. We have an indoor cat because that is ecological common sense, a no-brainer. If you want to have a small pet and not worry about it being part of the food chain, perhaps move to a well known western Kansas city called Denver. Otherwise, use ecological common sense.

Daniel Bayer


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