Lawmakers drop the ball

Dear Editor:

Great job, Colorado senators – you just followed the Democrat Legislatures in Chicago, Illinois and New York limiting the rights of law-abiding firearm owners in your blind pursuit of a feel-good headline.

In a classic two-fer, you did absolutely nothing to curb gun violence, stiffen penalties or inhibit the criminal element regarding ownership. I’m sure they will line up with cash in hand to make lawful purchases, fill out the background-check paperwork and relinquish their high-cap magazines!

Congratulations! With the possible exception of Senate Bill 197 (domestic violence), you did succeed in making all of us just a bit less safe and tipping the balance of protection and safety just a bit more toward the criminal’s benefit.

But your miscalculation is going to find its way back to you; we now know the alarmist rhetoric you believed and what vote you cast, and when the next election comes around, we’ll all know whom to support financially and with our votes.

Even our local senator, Gail Schwartz, was on the wrong side of this issue. I wish I could have my vote back from last election season; I surely won’t make that mistake again.

Rich Wontor



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