Laugh your pants off |

Laugh your pants off

To: Editor

From: Merrily Talbott

Re: The Crystal Palace

What a treat to get a sneak peak at the Crystal Palace’s final season on Tuesday night. From Mike Monroney as Larry Craig in the “Minneapolis Airport Getting-to-Know-You Soft Shoe” number to Meredith Daniel as Hillary Clinton tango dancing away her anxieties about Barack Obama, to the entire cast dressed as bumblebees on strike, it’s a show that will make you laugh your pants off.

We in Aspen have been so lucky, for 51 years, to have a such a unique dinner theater . You won’t find an experience like dinner and a show at the Crystal Palace anywhere else. If you missed the preview show, be sure to make your reservations to not only laugh yourself silly but also enjoy some of the best food in town. Hats off to Mead Metcalf and the entire cast and staff of the Crystal Palace. You’re the top!

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