Laugh for world peace |

Laugh for world peace

Dear Editor:I think despite what you may read, all humans want the same things in life. Someone to share it with, a satisfying existence, a better life, great family and a spiritual existence. To live, laugh and love. If we don’t all cherish life deep inside, we have a problem. My faith is in humanity.Now, why will humans strap on explosive devices and kill themselves along with hundreds of other innocent people? Because they hate George Bush? I think not. My guess is, because like my friend Yehuda Fishfeld says, when people hate you more than they love themselves, we have a problem. Can you imagine hating someone so much that you would sacrifice your life to make them miserable? Sounds like a bad divorce – “War of the Roses.” Murder-suicide does happen, but it’s usually just among family, not the whole marketplace.Now a novel approach. You tell your enemies that you’ve made a lot of mistakes over the years and it’s time to repent, beg for forgiveness and make things right going forward. You tell them going forward you want to ensure their health, happiness and well being. In fact, you take all the war money and spend it on social programs aimed at improving their life, and you’re going to hire Bill and Melinda Gates to administer the fields. Sorry, Halliburton, congress, and all our favorite politicians. Corporate America would have to actually do presentations in front of Bill and Melinda. Our new ambassadors to the area will be Robin Williams, George Carlin, Charlie Daniels, Bono, Brad Pitt, Angela Jolie, Bill Clinton, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock. Humor is so funny because it speaks the truth. Make them laugh, and they will be friends forever. That is assuming that all humans do love to laugh. I’m still betting on humanity.How about we meet with world and terrorist leaders in a secure location and ask all of them their one wish for the world? Whoopi Goldberg would be the host. If their wish for the world was to rape, pillage, murder and eliminate civilization as we know it, we have a big problem. If they are in fact humans, and not the devil in warm-up suits, as my Army friend would have you believe, maybe there is a chance. By the way, the guys in warm-up suits are easy to kill, and most run around clueless. The suicide bombers have never asked to rent one of the 14 virgins of martyrdom before they die, and the leaders are actually not leaders, because they have never given the ultimate act of leadership – lead by example. Maybe the suicide bombers were molested, bullied or had alcoholic parents. They just need some love. I believe humanity will agree with George Michael in the end. Choose life. Again, I’m making the bet on the human spirit. Just my opinion. Any takers? Come on, George, make the call.God loves us all.Billy HillAspen

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