Last straw for Clinton |

Last straw for Clinton

Dear Editor:

Hillary Clinton’s remark about Robert Kennedy’s assassination in June 1968 as somehow being a reason for her staying in the race is the absolute last straw.

Apart from anything else, Kennedy did not announce for president until mid-March. This aside, think of the implications of what she said. If somehow Obama would suffer a similar fate, there she would be, like a scavenging raptor to gather up the scraps. Then, to say that she said it because she was thinking of Ted Kennedy is the same kind of blatant lie as when she told us how she landed under fire. There she only made an ass of herself, but here she is putting someone’s life in danger. She had been making the same remark about the Kennedy assassination for weeks. This time she was caught outright.

I can tell you this, if that harridan gets the nomination because of something that happens to Sen. Obama or his family, I will go from door to door campaigning for McCain.

Jeremy Bernstein