Last chance for Sutey Ranch |

Last chance for Sutey Ranch

Dear Editor:

The Carbondale community again asks that the Pitkin County commissioners support the Two Shoes/Sutey Ranch land exchange. In listening to the comments presented by the Pitkin County Open Space Board and BOCC, the value of the land exchange and the benefits received to Mr. Wexner are of great concern.

Of course there will be benefits to the Two Shoes Ranch by joining contiguous open space parcels, but the value of preserving the Sutey Ranch far outweighs any speculative monetary gain anywhere else. In addition, Mr. Wexner is putting all of the parcels in a conservation easement with no development allowed so the potential for gain is very limited.

Pitkin County residents will also be able to use the Sutey Ranch for recreation, if preserved, which is so beneficial during high use times of snow or crowding in other areas. We all have an opportunity to do the right thing by preserving the proposed parcels in this land transfer and contrary to some beliefs, this is the last chance for the Sutey Ranch.

Laurie Stevens


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