Last bastion of free speech |

Last bastion of free speech

Dear Editor:I am responding to an article written by Eben Harrell on Nov. 17, concerning funding cuts to GrassRoots TV. I was really shocked to read, “They’ve grown in four years, but how has the benefit grown to the community?” I, for one, can say that their support in assisting me achieve my dream of hosting a TV show has been tremendously beneficial. And I am certain that I am not alone in that. I’m sure that every other host that utilizes the services that GrassRoots TV provides which allows them the opportunity to exercise their right to free speech feels the same way.At this time in our history, when a landmark stigma has been placed on our right to free speech by the Bush regime and could soon be exercised, it is imperative there is a place like GrassRoots TV where people can still speak up for and openly discuss what they truly feel. It may truly be one of our last bastions of free speech. GrassRoots TV’s commitment is to maintain a neutral stance and allow all opinions to be heard. Although we may disagree about much, Tony Hershey and I have an equal right to our opinions and neither of us is shut out from speaking them. This is a good thing.As for “why doesn’t the community support it more heartily?” I believe that they did in 2002 when they approved a $1 million property tax that included funding to GrassRoots. Perhaps some of the rationale for people not pulling out their checkbooks as quickly as they could is because they already did when they voted in 2002, so their assumption might be that GrassRoots already has its funding.In a world now controlled by corporate media and supported by corporate sponsorship, I for one am grateful to be able to benefit the services of GrassRoots TV.Alecia EvansBasalt

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