Lapping it up |

Lapping it up

Dear Editor:

Wednesday morning, July 7, I witnessed an extraordinary feat of physical strength and personal determination. I attended the annual “Swim-a-thon.” This is a fundraiser for the Aspen Swim Club. The team members ask relatives and friends to support the club by contributing so many cents per pool length they each swim within a two-hour time limit.

At 7:30 a.m., 22 young swimmers, between 8 and 18 years of age, jumped into the pool at the Aspen Recreation Center and pushed off. The goal was to swim 200 lengths or two hours, whichever came first. By 9:30 a.m. the team collectively knocked out 4,200 pool lengths, or 2,100 laps. That’s almost 60 miles.

Virtually all of the team members swam for a solid two hours (WOW!), save the ones who finished 200 lengths in less than the allotted time. It was truly inspiring to see these young athletes push themselves to their physical limits … and love it. Congratulations, swimmers! I would also like to extend a giant “thank-you” to the Aspen Swim Club board (Brooks Bryant, Chris Ridings, Kelley Purnell, Bill Landis, Sherill Olsen and Deb Collier) and especially the Aspen Swim Club coaches (Gordon Gerson, Jenny Fadale and Stewart Mixon).

I’m a proud parent (“Way to go, Davy!”), and I’m also really proud of how committed you board members and coaches are to our kids.

Derek Brown


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