Landlord suing Cooper Street Pier |

Landlord suing Cooper Street Pier

Charles Agar
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN ” Cooper Street in Aspen is in legal trouble and could lose its rental space.

Landlord Joshua Saslove on Wednesday filed a lawsuit claiming that the owners of Siamese Basil LLC, which runs Cooper Street, a local watering hole/restaurant, and the downstairs restaurant Siamese Basil, haven’t paid rent since February.

“We’ve made every effort and given them every opportunity,” Saslove said. “If you don’t pay your rent, you don’t deserve to be in business.”

Siamese Basil, LLC, lists KC Ashim and Kabindra Luintel as registered agents with business, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s website.

The downstairs restaurant has been out of business for more than a year ” operating briefly as a club in 2007 ” but the company also operates Cooper Street, Saslove said, and the lease on the entire 508 East Cooper Ave. hasn’t been paid.

“We don’t have any plans for another tenant, and it’s not our intention to force them out of business,” Saslove said. “But it’s not right to stay in business and not pay any rent.”

Through property managers at Katie Reed Management, Saslove issued first an overdue notice and a later termination notice in early May asking the owners of Siamese Basil to pay their rent or leave, according to the complaint.

The lawsuit claims that Saslove is entitled to take over the property.

Siamese Basil LLC had a lease with Saslove for $10,000 per month from October 2006 to April 2008, according to the court complaint. The business is operating a month-to-month lease.

In January, the rent on the space was reduced to $9,000 per month because a residential unit was taken out of the mix, according to the lawsuit.

A March rent check from the owners of Siamese Basil bounced, according to the complaint. Saslove said he hasn’t received rent money for April.

Saslove said he’s willing to work with the owners, who he said have repeatedly promised to pay the rent.

“The last phone call I got from them, they said they would be in contact with us,” Saslove said, but he hasn’t heard from them.

Saslove and his business partners also are suing the city of Aspen, claiming the City Council exceeded its jurisdiction when it denied subdivision of the building, a key to the owners’ redevelopment plans for the property.

Saslove said the city lawsuit is unrelated.

Staff at Cooper Street were tightlipped Thursday, and the doors were locked and the phone disconnected to the basement restaurant. The business owners couldn’t be reached for comment.

Saslove claims he is due rent, late fees, interest, attorneys fees and other damages that will be outlined at trial.

He also is asking to keep the security deposit.