Landlord, hear my plea |

Landlord, hear my plea

In light of the current focus on business affairs I offer the following:

Landlord, Landlord, you better hear my plea.

Do not, raise the triple-net on me!

My gross is down, but costs are way up high.

My net is gone, the bankers really sigh.

If you want me out, if you want me gone,

the next fool’s “key-money” is your sweet song.

Is it your greed that hurts our town so bad?

Goodbye “Eddie,” should it make us all mad?

It’s poor old “Banana,” their lease was had.

Drugstore to timeshare sales, is it a fad?

Once we were special, unique and fun.

Energetic came to play in the sun.

Now we are “chained,” like every other where.

Just more expensive, do we really care?

When you own it all, and it’s oh, so nice,

leverage it to the very highest price.

If new tenants can pay, then suck them dry.

Some fine day, “chapter seven” might just fly.

What comes around, goes around, they do say.

If it’s true, then you, too, may have your day.

Landlord, landlord, we hope you hear this plea!

Please do not raise the triple-net on me!

Mike Otte


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