Landfill, sustainability program form alliance |

Landfill, sustainability program form alliance

Staff report

The Pitkin County Landfill is participating in a Colorado Department of Health and Environment program designed to help the landfill become more environmentally responsible and sustainable.

The landfill is now a silver-level partner in the department’s Environmental Leadership Program, with the silver level as the beginning level in the program. Over the next three years, the leadership program will provide feedback, assistance and monitoring of landfill operations and programs.

The landfill will seek a gold-level membership through its ongoing development of an environmental-management plan and improved systems.

“The Environmental Leadership Program will allow the Pitkin County Landfill to continue to seek to conserve the environment and extend the life of the landfill by reducing waste generation through public education, appropriately reusing materials through aggregate and compost diversion and sales, and recycling and reusing valuable commodities with state-of-the-art collection programs,” said Jack Johnson, the landfill’s public education and outreach coordinator.

The leadership program is a voluntary program to recognize and reward organizations and businesses that demonstrate superior environmental performance. For more information about the various environmental practices at the landfill, go to

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