Land use, not anti-Semitism |

Land use, not anti-Semitism

Dear Editor:

Ken Adler does a huge disservice to the cause of countering anti-Semitism. The issue of the Jewish Community Center at Silver Lining Ranch is a local land-use issue, not a religious or ethnic matter.

To distort this situation and suggest that opposition to the proposed land use is based on religious prejudice is to trivialize, and thus numb us to, the despicable character of anti-Semitism. “Crying wolf” with such accusations over a local zoning question serves only to deafen us to needed outcries when true actions of prejudice emerge.

There was opposition just last year, including a lawsuit, over a renovation of Christ Episcopal Church. Nobody suggested that the opposition was based on anti-Christian or anti-Episcopalian motives. Being opposed to the Jewish Community Center for land-use reasons ” traffic, noise, light, etc. ” is not anti-Semitic.

Some citizens think the proposed use for Silver Lining is not appropriate and are fighting it with whatever arguments they can muster. Such is almost always the case with virtually every land-use question in town. That the proposed use happens to be for a Jewish Community Center does not make the opponents anti-Semitic.

Ken should save his cries of anti-Semitism for the unfortunately too many real cases of such behavior and not demean the subject with nonsensical accusations over a legitimately debatable local land-use question.

James DeFrancia