‘Land Rover-type’ SUV strikes pedestrian in downtown Aspen, flees scene

Victim life-flighted to Denver with ‘significant injuries’ after being hit in crosswalk near police station

Aspen Police Officers and State Patrol investigate the crosswalk outside of the Aspen Police Department where a hit-and-run took place the night before on Main St. in Aspen on Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2021. A 58-year-old man sustained sever injuries after being struck by an SUV late Tuesday night while he was crossing the street. (Kelsey Brunner/The Aspen Times)

A 58-year-old Basalt man suffered “significant” injuries late Tuesday night after he was hit crossing Main Street by a driver who fled after the collision, according to a news release.

Police on Wednesday asked for the public’s help identifying the driver and vehicle, which left a “readily recognizable … PIAA brand light” from the front passenger side of the car at the scene, according to the release. The green SUV — possibly a “Land Rover-type” vehicle — may have had a “brush guard” assembly mounted to the front, which likely supported the light.

The remnants of a PIAA brand light from the front passenger side of what might be a green Land Rover was left a the scene on Main Street in front of the Aspen Police Department late Tuesday. The light was likely mounted to a “brush guard assembly” on the front of the SUV, according to police.
A stock photo depicting what the light probably looked like before Tuesday night’s collision. Police are asking the public to call 970-920-5400 with any information about the vehicle or driver.

A witness to the crash, which occurred at 11:52 p.m. in front of the Aspen Police Department headquarters on Main Street, said the victim was hit while in the crosswalk, and described the driver as “blonde and female,” according to the news release. The man was hit on the east side of the intersection of Main and Hunter streets.

“The driver stopped the SUV, appeared to look at the victim of the crash, then drove west on Main Street and turned north on to Mill Street,” the release says. “The police department conducted a broad search throughout Aspen and searched Red Mountain with the assistance of the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office. The search proved unsuccessful.”

The victim was transported by helicopter to a Denver area hospital and was “suffering from significant injuries,” according to Wednesday’s release. The man suffered severe head injuries and a broken pelvis, said Jami McMannes, a city of Aspen spokeswoman.

Anyone with information about the hit and run can contact the Aspen Police Department at 970-920-5400.


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