Lame parents and a litigious society |

Lame parents and a litigious society

Dear Editor:

I noticed many people complaining about the new addition of fencing for the Fourth of July parade. Yes, indeed, safety concerns are what brought about this new fencing.

It was interesting to me that the people complaining the loudest were the parents of children who wanted to run out into the street to get some candy. FYI: Throwing candy from floats is illegal in this parade, running out into the streets from the curb is also illegal in this parade. How come? Liability. Our litigious nature is the cause. If the city leaves no fence and despite the fact that laws are in place to prevent dangerous behavior, who is responsible when an “accident” happens?

Obviously the city feels that there may be some liability on their part given a worse-case scenario. The city is obviously under directive from their attorneys to limit their liability for this scenario as much as possible.

Now, who’s at fault if parents allow their children to pass through this fence and chase candy? Who’s responsible for throwing said candy and tempting the children into the street? By putting up the fence, the city is no longer at fault. However, the candy throwers and the parents of law-breaking children under the age of 18 are definitely at fault.

And let’s look at this situation closer. I am willing to wager that the same parents crying about the fence would be the same parents first in line to sue the city if something happened to their child. These are yet more and more examples of the lame parenting that has contributed to our lame culture. Yes the fence sucked, but you are the ones to blame, not the city. Of course we can do away with the fence … the same day the city decides to cancel the parade.

By the way, not everyone was against the fence. I’ve talked to quite a few who appreciated the new level of control and safety. To the people on the floats, stop throwing the candy, walk the route and hand it out like you’re supposed to. I hope the city did fine the throwers as they said they would. Happy Independence Day, Great Land of the Almighty Lawsuit.

Mike Trecker


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