Lame blame game |

Lame blame game

Why is it so necessary that someone is always to blame? It seems that accidents, which are an inescapable attribute of being human, are no longer tolerated as we seek responsibility and accountability and tidy blame, shifting for every little thing that goes awry on the Big Blue Marble.

There really should be gross negligence or malevolent spirit and not just accidental happenstance before we start laying blame, arresting people and compounding the misery.

The construction workers that started the Panaroma fire probably feel terrible and they probably didn’t intend to start the fire. It was just an accident. People make mistakes.

I can think of nothing less Christian than the rampant judgmental behavior endemic in our currently ill, mean, perverted and very non-Christian society. All you blame laying court/crime/cops voyeurs best get down on your knees and pray that you don’t end up being judged for simply being human.

The last perfect human died on the cross.

Tim Walker

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Lafayette, Colo.

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