Laid-back sheriff, or lethargic? |

Laid-back sheriff, or lethargic?

Dear Editor:

I am simply amazed with John Colson’s column on the race for Sheriff (Aspen Times Weekly, Oct. 8) and his complete lack of respect for the candidate opposing the all-powerful, can-do-no-wrong, fresh-from-rehab Bob. Saying that he has never seen Rick Magnuson carry a gun, means what? When was the last time anyone ever saw Bob Braudis carry a gun? I thought that was a good thing, that people didn’t want a militant sheriff. The fact that Bob himself has asked Rick to become a deputy several times should tell you something.

“I can’t say I’ve seen any evidence that his thinking is all that profound on things that really matter in the sheriff’s line of work.”

Rick has already said that he would increase DUI enforcement, and spend more time and money on educating our children. What evidence are you looking for, Mr. Colson? Everyone has to start somewhere. Rick Magnuson has worked in law enforcement for more than 10 years and has seen what the sheriff and his deputies do firsthand on a day-to-day basis. He might have some new ideas on how things could be improved.

Bob Braudis preaches education over enforcement, but what educational programs has he enacted? What grants for education has he applied for? How many deputies does he have in the schools? Giving drunks a free ride home with Tipsy Taxi is a nice service, but it sure isn’t “educating” anyone. I’ve seen Sheriff Bob at pro-marijuana rallies but I haven’t seen him up at the schools, telling kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Is this what makes him the best sheriff in the state in your eyes, Mr. Colson?

There is a big difference between having a live-and-let-live, laid-back attitude and lethargy and inaction ” but they might look the same from the outside. I guess it just depends on how you choose to look at it.

P. Whitehead

St. Louis

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