Lack of info a concern |

Lack of info a concern

Dear Editor:I am e-mailing to share some new information I recently acquired regarding the halfway house/group home situation at 1204 Catherine Court in Carbondale. As you may recall, both Chris Edrington, director of the proposed St. Paul Sober Living group home to be operated at 1204 Catherine Court, and Bob Ferguson, director of the Jaywalker Lodge substance abuse treatment facility already operating in downtown Carbondale, have repeatedly denied that their operations are connected in any way. How then do they explain the fact that the individual Edrington has hired as oversight manager of his facility already holds a position as clinical support specialist at Jaywalker Lodge. I refer to Michael Mooney of Basalt, who Edrington hired to manage his Catherine Court operation. Mooney’s staff bio at Jaywalker Lodge may be seen at the following web address: continued lack of straightforward information coming from Chris Edrington and his associates regarding his business operation at 1204 Catherine Court causes me great concern, especially now as the date approaches for the final decision on his application for a zone text amendment that would allow him to continue to operate his group home. He goes before Carbondale’s planning and zoning committee on March 2. There will be opportunity for input from the public. Anyone who feels that individuals and companies operating in our community should adhere to the basic precepts of honesty and consideration for others are encouraged to attend and voice their opinion.Let’s return to the values that have made Carbondale the wonderful community it is. Let us inform the powers that be that they, as our elected officials, should show the same commitment to ethical behavior and require it of any business that desires the privilege of operating in our town.Gregory ChandlerCarbondale