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Kudos to the Aspen Historical Society

Dear Editor:

Heartfelt thanks to Sarah Oates, curator, Anna Lookabill, archivist, Georgia Hanson, director, and the entire Aspen Historical Society staff for the dazzling retrospective of 50 years at the Crystal Palace. It is a wonderful tribute to Mead and Joan Metcalf, and the entire cast of past and present performers who graced the Palace stage for five decades. Stained glass, baby grand piano, costumes, uniforms, photographs and video of political and social satire are all part of the history presented at the Stallard House on Bleeker Street, home of the Aspen Historical Society.

An opening reception was hosted by the Historical Society in early July the weekend of the Crystal Palace 50th Reunion and was attended by returning alumni and Aspen locals. Texas Reds BBQ, a relatively new Aspen restaurant, provided brunch. Thank you very much for a delicious addition to the celebration.

The exhibit continues through the year, honoring the music, the talent, the food, the wine, the laughter, and the joy that has been a part of the Crystal Palace camaraderie for 50 years.

Thanks again, Aspen Historical Society, for a lovely slice of Aspen history and a job well done!

Diane Metcalf

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