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Kudos to Aspen

Dear Editor:We all should commend Aspen for taking steps to slow down climate change in the absence of any state or federal leadership to deal with this very real problem and its host of implications for our food and water supplies, our economy, our national security – and our reputation around the globe.The senior fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis asserts that market-driven solutions are a better route than the political one Aspen took. That sounds great, but when it comes to carbon emissions from energy generation in the state of Colorado, we have anything but a free market. You’d think the governor and others, like the Public Utilities Commission, would walk the market talk – and let the free market work; instead they protect the energy utility monopolies and their friends in the coal industry while blocking the entrance of new energy solutions from entering Colorado’s marketplace.While California, New York, New Mexico and other states move ahead, we continue to suffocate competition in the energy sector.Heather RaeDenver

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