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Kudos to APD, DOW

Dear Editor:

I would like to commend Aspen police and the Division of Wildlife for their work done at Wagner Park.

The bear that slept in a tree for the most of Sunday had recently developed an amazing reputation around town for its great size and pleasant demeanor. To see it run across Wagner with police in tow, followed by the children (and the ensuing parents) who waited patiently for it come down, was to see a classic Aspen experience.

For sure, the scene around the police tape perimeter was zooish, but the final outcome was nothing short of perfection – a success for those involved, those lucky enough to be at the scene and, of course, for the bear.

This could have been an all-too-eventful day in the park. Instead, a beautiful animal went back into the mountains and we all enjoyed watching it happen.

Chris Belmont

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