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Kudos for council

The Snowmass Village Town Council is to be commended on several decisions it made at its meeting on Oct. 20.

The council responded unanimously and positively to the many voices in the community who have spoken out in favor of locating the community pool/water park and an expanded recreation center at the Town Entrance (Rodeo Grounds) rather than at Base Village.

The larger parcel of land at the Town Entrance and its central location, amid other recreational activities, are ideal for use by both full- and part-time residents and guests. The relocation of this facility away from Base Village will also benefit that project by freeing up additional land that can be used to reduce the mass, height and scale of several of the presently planned Base Village buildings.

The council discussed and rejected any formal limitations on the public discussion process during public hearings. The council wants to encourage full discussion and participation by all parties who wish to express their comments, concerns and ideas concerning the development projects currently under review and those that may be brought forward in the future. Public input such as that which the council has and continues to encourage is a key part of our representative form of government in Snowmass.

The council rightly deferred proceeding with the full-scale development of the Town Entryway. Until we have a better idea of where we stand with Base Village, the Snowmass Center and the Mall, it makes no sense to discuss and review the development of substantial free market housing and further commercial/retail development at the Town Entrance.

In conjunction with the ongoing review process concerning the current major development projects in the village, it would be appropriate to consider this location for public parking, possible relocation of the Conoco station, some employee housing, a new Town Hall as well as the community pool/water park and expanded recreation center.

As the council opened the public hearing on the Base Village Preliminary Application, it was clear from their words and action that the council has heard all of our comments and concerns from both full- and part-time residents.

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The council sent a clear and loud message to the developers that the current proposal before the council will not gain approval without substantial modification in a number of key areas. One of these areas to be reviewed in the early stages of this process is the height, mass, scale and density of Base Village.

The developers acknowledged that they’ve heard the message and are prepared to work with the council and the community to achieve a Base Village that is acceptable to the community and that will result in both economic and lifestyle viability for this community/resort well into the future.

We trust this council to represent the interests of the entire community. We believe in the representative form of government and trust that this council will do what is best for all stakeholders whether they are full- or part-time residents and whether or not they are allowed to vote in local elections.

Let’s not put additional artificial restrictions on their good judgment. Those of you who are privileged to vote in this community have elected and re-elected the mayor and several councilmen. You’ve obviously decided to put your trust in them and those of us part-timers who are unable to vote in this community have also put our trust in these representatives.

Let’s all work together to make Snowmass a premiere family community/destination resort that we all will be proud of and enjoy living in and visiting.

Mel D. Blumenthal

Snowmass Village

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