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Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (Nov. 17, 2019)

Congratulations, yoga challengers

I just finished the Shakti Shala Yoga Challenge 2019. Thank you to Jayne Gottleib for giving 150 of us “townies” the opportunity to cleanse our bodies, minds and spirits! Jayne is truly an Aspen hero.

It was so joyous to meet new challengers each day. Thirty classes in 30 days was no easy feat. Our mats were close, which gave us the chance to visit together. All of us were encouraging each other to go for it!

Personally, with me being in my 60s, I just loved witnessing so many young challengers motivated to live healthy, and to connect with one another.

This was not a competition. Rather, we were on mats to clear our minds and to feed our souls. And to ready ourselves for another wonderful Aspen ski season, yahoo! This was accomplished with encouragement and respect for one another. We have a great community of caring people in this small town.

For anyone just finding out about the Shakti Challenge, I encourage you to join us next fall. It’s an offseason delight. One of the best offerings in our town annually. It is a rich happening — a community come-together time!

I am off to see grandchildren now in Chicago. Their Mimi is feeling good!

Many thanks again to leader Jayne and to all our caring and inspiring teachers; us challengers know you went all out for us.

We thank: Jayne, Jenna, Jen, Courtney, Laurel, Jess, Ashlyne, Anna, Roger, Nicky, Jamie, Kris, Marisa, Charlie, Morgan, Aisha and DJ Styler.

Paula Nirschel


A grand Veterans Day ceremony

What an absolutely beautiful Veterans Day ceremony, a picture-perfect day, and a picture-perfect gathering. “It takes a village” was on display, and what a sight it was. I will try and recognize those villagers and thank them publicly.

Here we go!

Thanks, Brandon and David and KSNO, for the air time.

Thank you, Louis Swiss, for the gratis coffee and sweet rolls. Sweet.

Thanks, Aspen Streets Department, for the American flags on Main Street. Beautiful.

Thanks, Aspen Police Department, for the Main Street closure and for the peace and quiet. Thanks to Arnie for the set-up and take-down for the ceremony.

Thanks to Cub Scout Den #224 and Brownie Troop 15104 for presenting the memorial wreath and for the beautiful singing of “America the Beautiful”; well sung and thanks to Jeanne Walla for the shining example. Thank you, Nancy, for our 32nd Veterans Day candle lighting.

Thank you, Tom Buesch, for your kind words for the invocation and the benediction. Thank you, Sheriff Joe DiSalvo, for your caring and support. Thank you, Gunny Perigo, for reading and remembering “Flanders Fields.” Thank you, Richard Sundeen, for the beautiful interlude and for “Taps.” Powerful!

Thank you, Charlie Hopton and Western Slope Veterans Coalition; great work.

Thank you, Brian Littlejohn, our new VSO. Best of luck.

Thank you, Steve Child and the Child family, for your caring and dedication.

Thank you, Paul Andersen, for Huts for Vets; keep on keepin’ on.

Thank you, Darryl Grob, for the roll call of our “killed in action” soldiers. Touching.

A very special thanks to the folks who came forward and shared their stories, their pain and their hearts. Your stories are what this day is all about. Again, thank you.

Thank you, Elk Lodge #224, for the wonderful lunch and brief ceremony at the lodge. Thank you, Chris of Colo Audio Visual, for the sound system.

Thank you, Colonel Dick Merritt, for your dedication. Semper Fi!

Thanks to our color guard, Pamler Hood and Gunny Perigo; smartly done.

I hope I have not missed anyone in this letter. I apologize if I have done so. I think this ceremony was the biggest and best we have had in 32 years. Thank you, villagers, for this gift and showing what Aspen is really about.


Dan Glidden


Smash-mouth thank-yous

I am writing to say thank you for a great football season. Our third- and fourth-grade team went undefeated! Our coaches were amazing. We had Todd “Mr T” Hoeffner, Jeff “Coach K” Kuhlman, Dave Clark, Chip Fuller and Bryan Welker, who loves to run and made us run too. I also want to thank Ron Morehead for organizing our league.

And a big thanks to our sponsors the Aspen Elks Lodge #224, athletic director Martha Richards, Travis Benson and his varsity staff, Susan Aranella and Alex Schrempf from the Recreation Department, and Blair Elliott and staff from the Parks Department.

Go Aspen!

Cameron Light