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Kudos and Kindness

Smote The Craven Evermore

Donald Trump wears a mask

He has for years and years

A mask to cover not his face

But to cover all his fears

He’s afraid of being seen as weak

Which only a weak man fears

He’s afraid of looking soft

So pudgy after all these years

Double down is his tactic

Never back away

No matter how absurd

The things he’ll often say

Afraid to serve during Vietnam

He slithered off on bone spurs

A coward with false excuses

The truth he often blurs

But it’s all so transparent

His guise of macho make believe

Worn thin after three-plus years

Only himself can he deceive

Bravado isn’t courage

A glower isn’t brave

Insults are just more noise

The way a child behaves

A genius who hides his grades

A Commander-in-Chief afraid of War

A billionaire who conceals his taxes

And no scientist, he says, knows more

Yes, Donald Trump is perfect

Unless you look behind his mask

And see that sniveling, churlish, desperate knave

Not up to the presidential task

Greg Lewis

Woody Creek

Youthenitity says thanks for the virtual support

In light of COVID, Youthentity — along with many nonprofit organizations — worried we faced a future in which we could not serve as many students this year without our annual fundraiser. Last week during our annual (and first virtual) Pig Roast Fundraiser, our worries were assuaged as our network rallied to support youth financial literacy and career development among Colorado’s Western Slope.

Thank you to the businesses and individuals who sponsored this year’s Virtual Pig Roast Fundraiser, and to those who participated in the online auction and raffle and donated to our Five Year Life Plan initiative. Many thanks to those who purchased virtual Super Supporter event tickets, one of which included a direct donation to local restaurants in the form of gift cards. Not only did your donation move to support Youthentity, this virtual ticket also raised over $3,000 for local restaurants — cash that went directly to restaurants’ payroll and operating costs.

We are heartened to know that our community values and appreciates the critical part that financial literacy and career readiness plays in building resilient communities. Investing in our young people will pay dividends as they grow up to be the next generation of business owners, employees and community members.

Meghan Grabow

Development Director, Youthentity