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Kudos and brickbats

Dear Editor:

The flowers and pots at the barriers at the west end of Hallam and Bleeker streets are quite beautiful and look great as one enters Aspen. Bravo!

On the other hand, the roundabout looks gross. Compare this with the beautiful roundabout at the entrance to Gypsum, and it looks like a neglected piece of junk, not the entrance to our wonderful town. When we can afford to do so many other things with our tax dollars, an annual expenditure for perennials and even some annuals, plus the necessary weeding and upkeep, would, to me, be money well spent for our “brand” and “image.”

And while I am at it, at least mow the dividers between upvalley and downvalley lanes a couple of times a year – maybe even throw in some wildflower seeds each spring.

David Grimes

Aspen and Greensboro, N.C.

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