Kruger: I’m ready to navigate Aspen ship |

Kruger: I’m ready to navigate Aspen ship

Dear Editor:

1. Some will criticize my decision to run for mayor and say I went back on my word. The truth is I have new information that compels me to make a different choice. After only two weeks and three meetings it became apparent to me that I must look to the future of Aspen knowing that we can do better! We can be better neighbors even when we have differing opinions. We can join in civil discourse from opposite view points arriving at the best scenario because the facts arising from that discourse shift the results into the highest outcome for all.

2. I said, “I have time to sit on council but no time to run for office.” As it turns out this decision is so important to me that I have given up the balance of the ski season and a host of other things in order to run a campaign. We all make our own choices and mine is to do what I can to turn this big ship, Aspen, straight into the storm of this recession and come out the other side strong and balanced.

3. I declined to reveal my age, not because I have something to hide, but because it is irrelevant! I had plans to spend my 60th birthday floating down the Nile. A trip of a lifetime! I traded that in to face the political fray doing what I know I can to bring our fair city back to balance where neighbors and community members are respected and tolerance is the word of the day.

4. My disappointment in the decision of the Wheeler lease has nothing to do with the outcome and everything to do with the process. When you create a process inviting community members, the Wheeler board and city staff together to evaluate options and recommend a result, honor that process. Time is money – literally! Count the hours involved in this process and multiply by the man hours wasted. We all paid for that time.

5. Government (big business) needs fiscal responsibility and respect for the community (stockholders) who are invested in the outcome and pay the bills (taxes) and salaries of the staff (employees). In the “real world” the board of directors (City Council) would be dismissed for disregarding the process. In every corporate culture behavior begins at the very top permeating through all. There is a new world order. Aspen needs new leadership. Let’s take Aspen to a new level, together!

Ruth Kruger


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