Kronberg’s remarkable knowledge |

Kronberg’s remarkable knowledge

Dear Editor:I always like election time, it gives us all the hope that finally the perfect candidate will come along and make all our dreams come true. The problem with a democracy is that everyone’s dreams will be catered to. I guess I really am looking for a benevolent despot, who thinks like I do. No such luck.The mayor’s race is just about sorted out for me; surprisingly the council race has given me an easy first choice. Toni Kronberg. For the past two years our group’s battle for the preservation of the character of Aspen, I have been sort of forced to watch Toni in action. Sometimes she is a little aggressive in getting her message past Helen to council, but I have always been impressed with her nonending passion for the Aspen we love.Toni has always been as prepared on the issues as council. And many times, more aware than council. Her knowledge of the issues is remarkable, her energy and ability to sit through the most debilitating meetings is profound. And while other candidates pay lip service to their beliefs, she puts her “you know what” on the line at almost every City Council meeting. She has not only earned the right to represent me, I believe that Toni is the only council candidate running on a belief system that the city of Aspen, its permanent residents and Aspen’s future economic viability as a tourist destination, are her number one priority.I am leaning toward Su Lum’s choice, Steve Skadron, for my second choice. I do not really trust anyone on Planning and Zoning, because they have been the driving force behind most of our inappropriate development approvals. Su seems to have singled out one good member, and I would hope that our local press would verify her information on Steve’s voting record.Leslie HolstAspen

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