Kronberg goes out fighting |

Kronberg goes out fighting

Aspen Times StaffAspen, CO Colorado
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ASPEN Toni Kronberg filed a complaint with the Aspen Police Department on Tuesday claiming she was forcibly turned away from the Crossroads Baptist Church polling station.According to election rules, candidates are forbidden from polling within 100 feet of ballot boxes on election day.

But Kronberg claims she was merely stopping in to see how many votes were cast when an election official assaulted her, pushing her into the street.”I just walked in with a simple question. I wasn’t campaigning,” Kronberg said, and she claims the election worker laid hands on her shoulders and shoved her.

“I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t even believe it,” Kronberg said.Election officials would not comment.

“One of the election officials did meet with Kronberg and did ask for Kronberg to leave. … So she walked [Kronberg] off the premises. Apparently Toni wasn’t happy about that,” said Aspen Police Sgt. Rob Fabrocini. After talking with witnesses, Aspen police officials dropped the investigation, Fabrocini said.

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