Krabloonik under state investigation again |

Krabloonik under state investigation again

A sign near the turnoff for Krabloonik Dog Sledding in Snowmass Village on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.
Kaya Williams/The Snowmass Sun

Krabloonik Dog Sledding is again under investigation by the Colorado Pet Animal Care Facilities Act program.

The Snowmass Sun submitted a records request to PACFA on May 23 seeking inspection reports, complaints and enforcement actions at Krabloonik for that month.

The request turned up one follow-up inspection report as well as records that were “not subject to disclosure” yet “because there is currently an open investigation of this facility,” according to an May 27 email from Michele Barton, a licensing and education unit administrator for the PACFA program.

Barton asked for a check-back “sometime in mid-June to see if the investigation is closed before submitting another request.” The investigation is related to a complaint submitted to PACFA, Barton wrote in a follow-up email.

The one record that was available for disclosure was an inspection form related to a May 10 follow-up inspection at Krabloonik.

Inspector Kari Kishiyama, lead inspector Becky Robison and PACFA program section chief met with Krabloonik owner Danny Phillips, according to the report that Kishiyama signed on May 12. Phillips also signed the report that day.

The group “discussed storage options for food in the container” and “reviewed records including exercise, treatment, adoption/transfer and euthanasia,” the report states. (PACFA recorded food storage and record-keeping violations that were corrected on a separate inspection earlier this year.)

The follow-up inspection form indicates Krabloonik was “noncompliant.”

Inspectors noted violations related to the number of dogs in a pen without direct and constant supervision (inspectors observed more than the max of five dogs), proof of disclosure of medical records to people who adopt Krabloonik dogs (it was missing from updated adoption forms) and sharp edges above the gate of a dog enclosure (it “could injure a dog,” the report states).

Fisher confirmed in an email Wednesday morning that Krabloonik had corrected the three violations identified on the May 10 inspection as of May 31.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated a Wednesday morning update that Krabloonik had corrected the PACFA violations from the May 10 and Jan. 18 inspections.


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