Krabloonik owners deserve praise for improvement |

Krabloonik owners deserve praise for improvement

Dear Editor:

I am encouraged to see the recent changes at Krabloonik (Aspen Daily News, Aug. 23, 2011) and commend Dan McEachen and Guy Courtney for giving the sled dogs an hour a week off their tethers.

It is a huge step in the right direction and they deserve to be recognized for their efforts. The dogs in the photograph seem happy to have the freedom to romp and appear to thrive on the attention from volunteer Rebecca Psigoda.

Those of us who have previously and publicly chastised Dan sincerely appreciate these recent improvements and look forward to continued change. I was especially thrilled to see that Rebecca seems to get it – referring to the sled dogs she is quoted as saying “they love to be loved.”

That comment speaks volumes as to at least one benefit of their off-chain time.

Anne Gurchick


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