Krabloonik not shutting down at this time, according to owner and town |

Krabloonik not shutting down at this time, according to owner and town

Facebook post saying otherwise is untrue

The sign for Krabloonik in Snowmass Village on Monday, March 14, 2022. The dog sledding operation remains open, despite a post circulating on Facebook saying the business is closing and new homes need to be found for the dogs.
Kelsey Brunner/The Aspen Times

A Facebook post circulating on animal welfare pages that suggests Krabloonik Dog Sledding is closing and that all dogs need new homes is incorrect, according to Krabloonik owner Danny Phillips.

Krabloonik remains open at this time and the next discussion with the town about the facility’s operations is slated for an April 11 Town Council Meeting.

Town Council and Best Practices Review Committee representatives and members of the public have raised concerns about Krabloonik’s compliance with the Best Practices Plan in its lease, but the town has not severed that lease agreement.

The post suggests that the facility is “shutting down” and that all of the nearly 200 dogs onsite need to be adopted. That is not true, according to a text message from Phillips and a phone call from Town Manager Clint Kinney. (The town is the landlord for land where the facility is located.)

“We have heard nothing like that,” Kinney said.

Krabloonik remains in operation and is working on adopting out dogs to reduce the number of canines at the kennel. Several dogs are up for adoption at the Aspen Animal Shelter and Krabloonik also has adoption information on its website at