Krabloonik needs Oprah |

Krabloonik needs Oprah

Dear Editor:

Not too long ago, Oprah did a story on puppy mills and how the breeding dogs were kept in cages with wire bottoms (like rabbits). Most weren’t exercised, and the ones who were lucky to leave with a local vet (who took in the dogs who weren’t useful anymore) had to be taught how to walk on the ground. Breeding dogs were treated like livestock. It was terribly sad, and every time I see puppies for sale at a pet shop I’m reminded of where they really come from.

If Krabloonik were exposed on a national level, which reaches those who pay for the dog-sled services, maybe then things would change. Obviously, something needs to be done.

Last I heard, Oprah has property in the Aspen area. Who’s going to contact her?

Wendy Warm

Las Vegas

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